WARNING! Walking or Hiking the Amalfi Coast? Read this carefully!

When walking or hiking the Amalfi Coast, please always check the latest info on wild fires and landslides carefully!

Herewith the most recent info (updated Winter 2023/2024)

Unfortunately the Amalfi Coast is a very fragile area and prone to landslides, especially after the wild fires which occur almost every Summer.

Of course we are, as always monitoring continuously the situation, not only to keep our clients ‘out of danger’, but also to give them a valid alternative for a equally beautiful hike, in case they have one of the affected walks in their programme. All neccessary information about the possible detours is given in our information package ‘Route Notes & Maps’!

Herewith a short overview of the most recent ‘natural disasters’:

  • A landslide has blocked the footpath into the Valle delle Ferriere from the Valle dei Mulini above Amalfi, just beyond the agriturismo ‘Fore Porta’.

Therefore the walk into the Valle dei Mulini (‘Valley of the Mills’) is officially possible only until this point. The path to here is in perfct shape, but you can not walk further into the Valle delle Ferriere. It is still possible however to reach the upper Valle delle Ferriere along the higher paths: from Scala/Ravello/Minuta/Pontone, as well as from Agerola/Pogerola. This means that you can NOT walk down from Pontone through the Valley of the Mills, but you can still walk down from Pontone to Amalfi along the short route: once in Pontone, do the Torre dello Zirro walk, after which you will have to walk the short route down to Amalfi. Then turn right and walk up to the Agriturismo Fore Porta. This way you take in most of the beauty!

Please refer to this map: Valle dei MULINI – AMALFI (POSSIBLE WALKS).

  • The historical main road, the famous ‘Via Maestra dei Villaggi’ from Agerola to Amalfi is unfortunately still blocked by a landslide, just below the hamlet of Tovere. We suggest a – beautiful!- alternative route down to Conca dei Marini, along the Monastery of Santa Rosa.
  • Wildfires have also affected the famous ‘Sentiero degli Dei’, as well as the upper ‘Valle delle Ferriere Nature Reserve’ between Scala and Amalfi in September 2020. The big wild fires in Summer 2017 have caused problems along several trails above Positano, more specific above the hamlets of Nocelle and Montepertuso. Most paths are feasible again – but with many dead trees and loose stones – therefore in the notes of our self-guided walks we suggest as well some alternatives.
  • The path from the so-called ‘Fjord’ of Furore, halfway Amalfi and Praiano, up to the church of Sant’Elia, where there had been landslides before, for which reason local authorities had closed the path, is open again !
  • Instead the path from Conca dei Marini, down into the ‘Fjord’ of Furore, is still closed. Local authorities still retain it unsafe and therefore necessary to block access to all persons.

Please refer to the following map for alternative routes: FURORE Fjord MAP – alternative route

  • Alta Via dei Monti Lattari’: The only problem area is the part between the Valico di Chiunzi and Mt. Cerreto, which is overgrown. Also the last stretch from Torca to Marina del Cantone is often difficult, due to the vegetation growth. We have warned the local authorities and hope that the problem will be solved soon. The whole route along the ridge is feasible, and –very important – the path to the Monte Sant’Angelo, the highest peak of the Amalfi Coast, is in a good condition. The ascent is therefore absolutely feasible (for experienced hikers).

Maintenance work is being carried out along most paths. Therefore we hope to be able to give more good news soon… As soon as these paths open again we let you know!


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