Warning: Walking or Hiking the Amalfi Coast? Read this carefully!

When walking or hiking the Amalfi Coast, please read our latest info on wild fires and landslides carefully ! (updated Autumn 2019)

Since the big wild fires in Summer 2017 there have been problems along several trails above Positano, more specific above the hamlets of Nocelle and Montepertuso.

Also the area of the so-called ‘Fjord of Furore has been interested by forest fires, as well as a large part of Mt. Vesuvius. The terrain being exposed, the heavy rain in Autumn 2017 has then caused several landslides – including one along the famous ‘Path of the Gods’, another one along the historical ‘Via Maestra dei Villaggi’ near Amalfi. We therefore recommend NOT to go hiking in these areas  without guidance (although feasible – the beauty in some areas is gone for a while – until Nature fights back).

The walking tours which have been affected mostly are the tours along the Amalfi Coast & Vesuvius, where a number of paths are not feasible at the moment:

  • the path through the so-called ‘Fjord’ of Furore, halfway Amalfi and Praiano, where there had been landslides before, for which reason local authorities had already retained necessary to block access to all persons. Works will take another few years…
  • Most (not all!) paths on Mt. Vesuvius.


Furore Fjord: Blocked path between Conca & Furore (since Spring 2016 – unfortunately ….)

In addition to the fires, a number of previous landslides had already caused a dangerous situation in the so-called ‘Fjord’ of Furore, reason why the access has been blocked by local authorities (since 2016). Works are being carried out at the moment –  this block was temporary – but will last very likely for another few months (probably until Autumn 2019 – we’ll keep you informed). Forest fires have now caused even more damaged – reason why the ‘fjord’ probably will remain closed until the end of the year.

However, there are several alternative routes to reach Praiano: either by walking down to the Fjord and then take the bus to Praiano, or by walking up to Furore-Sant’Elia (from where the walk to Praiano continues).

It would also be possible to stay on the bus, instead of getting out at Santa Rosa: stay on the bus for two km. more, tracking the bus’s route through two more short tunnels, then turns inland to reach a bridge over the gorge, and continues on the other side for 400 m. more to a minor road turn-off on the left. You can get out of the bus here, or at the centre (bar & farmacia), from where you then walk back 500 m. along the road. Doing this option you would  miss the walk from Conca dei Marini to Punta Tavola – we do not recommend this.

Option A: Walking through Furore to Sant’Elia

This option involves one km. of walking along the main road, plus a further km. of a quiet side road before you get back on route again at Sant’Elia. But this way you do practically the full route.

From the small chapel at Punta Tavola, walk up the small tarmac road for about 100 m. Then take the steep steps up to the left. These steps will bring you to the road from Amalfi to Agerola (the same road the bus to Conca takes).  On the road, turn left  and walk along the main road as it heads inland. It crosses the bridge over the gorge and then heads out again. Follow the main road for about 400 m. after the bridge until the first turn-off on the left (signposted ‘Sant’Elia’). Take this turn off and walk to its end at the chapel of Sant’Elia.

At this point you can pick up the standard route notes again. Please refer to the map below: FURORE Fjord MAP – diversion

More details here: WARNING Furore

Option B: Walking down to the Furore ‘Fjord’

This option has the advantage that you avoid a steep climb – and you can have a look at the fjord (only from the bridge though), but you would miss the beautiful walk from Sant’Elia to Praiano, through the Valley of Praia.

From the small chapel walk back down the road for about 100 m., go round two hairpins in short succession to a third with narrow track leading ahead. After 50m on this track take steps down right, a long flight that leads to the main coast road. Turn right on the coastal road and walk carefully for about 450 m. to a road tunnel. Walk through the tunnel and you’ll find yourself on the Furore road bridge. At the far end you will notice the path up to Sant’Elia (Sentiero ‘Volpe Pescatrice’ – Fishing Vixen) – also closed at the moment. From here you can take the bus to Praiano. Have a ticket at hand and please refer to your hotel map to get out at the right place.


  • The walk from Praiano/Bomerano to Positano (Sentiero degli Dei /’Path of the Gods’) had not been damaged by wildfires but was hit by several landslides in November and December and has therefore been closed for almost a year. The path has been reopened on August 13th 2018.
  • The walks above Positano – included in the some tours – are feasible, but were heavily damaged. The ascent from Montepertuso to the ‘Caserma Fostale’, as well as the walk from the Caserma Forestale to Santa Maria al Castello are possible. However we still do not recommend these walks at the moment in case of bad weather (click here for specific info).
  • The ‘classic route’ up from Positano to Santa Maria al Castello, locally known as ‘Le Tese’ is absolutely feasible. This is the shortest possible ascent Santa Maria al Castello at the moment.
  • The walks from Santa Maria al Castello in western direction (Monte Comune/Colli di San Pietro are not damaged at all, hence are safe and feasible.
  • The paths along ‘Capo d’Acqua’ up from Positano to Santa Maria al Castello and Monte Comune, have suffered no damage at all. Although slightly overgrown, absolutely feasible!
  • For our beautiful trek along the ‘Alta Via dei Monti Lattari’ ( ), the consequences have been surprisingly few. The whole route along the ridge is feasible, and –very important to our clients- the path to the Monte Sant’Angelo, the highest peak of the Amalfi Coast, has no damage. The ascent is therefore absolutely feasible. The only problem area is the walk from the Conocchia down to the Caserma Forestale and then on to Santa Maria al Castello (see above). This walk is NOT possible at the moment. However we have found a beautiful alternative route through the cool (!) beech forests of Monte Faito.

 At least we hope so …



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