Special Offers & Gift Certificates

Genius Loci Travel does always offer very good value for money, so usually we do not have any ‘special offers’ – simply because we cannot afford to lower our prices !

On some occasions though, it can be possible to offer you a further discount. Working closely with our suppliers, including hotels and transport companies, we are sometimes able to offer some savings on our tour prices, e.g. passing on lower fuel and other ancillary costs through the supply chain.

For some self-guided tours of our 2019-programme a 5 % ‘early booking discount’ will apply. This offer is valid for all bookings made before January 31 and paid in full before February 28 (conditions apply).

For many group tours it will be possible for us to offer you a discount when you decide to book together with a number of friends (minimum 4) on one of our scheduled tour dates. If you will bring 6 or more friends your tour is FREE! (but obviously, you can also share the savings among everyone in your party, too).

Since 2016 we also offer a small selection of ‘bespoke luxury tours’ – which we will offer on ever more destinations in 2019. For a very affordable introduction price !

On some of our new tours it is possible to travel for a special ‘guinea pig’ price. Adventure at a bargain! Contact us for more information.


For our loyal clients also this year we will issue our usual Holiday Gift Vouchers – worth €50 or even €100 – a substantial discount on your next active adventure in Italy!

These ‘Gift Certificates’ will be given to all our friends who have been with us on of our trips already. Those who have ‘dared’ to book with an unknown company from southern Italy !!

It’s hard to tell the differences in quality by simply comparing outfitters’ prices, catalogues & websites, but we believe that the best advertising comes from you, our clients. You, who have already been with us, either in Tuscany, Umbria, on the Cinque Terre, in Sicily, the Dolomites or on the Amalfi Coast know how we organise our trips. Claim your voucher today, it is our ‘grazie’ for your continued support!*


Our Gift Certificates make also a perfect gift! Give your friends what they really wanted for Christmas: an  active adventure in Italy – whether it be hiking, biking or sea kayaking – for the right price! Let your friends share in the ‘Genius Loci Experience’!

Please contact us to know more about the current special offers.

Simply fill in the enquiry form, and state ‘special offers’ in your query and we will call or email you back during office hours.

* Our ‘Holiday Gift Vouchers’ are worth up to €100 (depending on the tour) if booked by a former client, up to €50 if booked by family or friends. Please indicate your reservation number when claiming your voucher. ‘Gift Certificates’ can be issued in any amount.


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