Frequently Asked Questions

Why a walking tour with Genius Loci Travel?

One of the strengths of Genius Loci Travel is the design of each tour. A Genius Loci independent walking tour takes you along carefully selected routes, making sure that you see the best that each area has to offer, with an optimal mix between walking & sightseeing, culture & nature.

According to the area, on some tours the focus is more on the hiking, on others on the cultural aspects. But all our tours provide the best possible mix between culture & nature. Not one single day is the same on our walking tours!

Many of the tours we have developed over the last decade, have been sold and are still being sold by specialised tour operators worldwide. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve been on one of our tours already!

Why did I never hear before about Genius Loci Travel ?

Genius Loci Travel, since the very start, has mostly operated as ‘only’ a supplier for many renowned tour operators worldwide, ranging from Europe to North-America and Australia. We never really actively promoted our tours directly, for which reason we did not do any advertising.

Over the years though, we have built up a loyal group of direct clients, which convinced us that there is a big demand for special (customised) walking & cycling tours in Italy, a demand which often cannot be met by the bigger tour operators, which deal with tours all over the world. Therefore since about 10 years, while still continuing to sell most of our yours through the best specialised tour operators worldwide, we have decided to organise some of our special trips directly for our clients.

However, we continue to prefer to spend money on research, rather than on marketing!

How long has Genius Loci Travel been in business?

Genius Loci Travel was founded in 2001, as one of the first Italian tour operators specialised in walking & cycling tours. Previous to that many of our trips were developed and tested by our staff, on behalf of other specialised tour operators, in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. On behalf of these companies we developed some of the most successful walking holidays ever – in terms of numbers, but also of clients’ satisfaction ! Since the beginning Genius Loci Travel has handled thousands of satisfied clients.

Who travels with Genius Loci Travel ?

Guests of Genius Loci are active and interesting people who come from vastly different walks of life. They live in all corners of the world, work in a variety of occupations and industries, and have many different hobbies and interests. When you join a Genius Loci tour, you travel with fellow travellers from around the globe, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, Canadians, and others. People with different origins, but with a common interest in travel, culture & nature, history and gastronomy.

Above all, they all have one common interest: our clients love to travel in a way that allows them to fully immerse themselves in the country they are visiting, with all the sights, sounds and tastes of the experience. Our groups ensure you to have a good time with other travellers from around the globe, sharing and exchanging ideas and interests and creating new friendships. Most trips have a good mix between single travellers and couples, men and women. On our self-guided trips you chose yourself with whom you travel, but you might easily come across some of our other clients. With the same interest in adventure travel, culture, nature & people.

Can I book a tour with Genius Loci Travel if I’m not such a keen walker or biker ?

Of course you can ! Most Genius Loci tours are active holidays, but the walking or cycling is never done ‘just’ for the sake of walking or cycling. We consider it the best means of seeing the country. That’s why many of our tours are a mix of walking or cycling and sightseeing. Choose the tour with the right difficulty level. Have a look at our ‘Trip Grader’ and look for tours within the 1 – 2 category, which are less focused on the walking or cycling, and offer some more opportunities for sightseeing and relax.

On our independent tours you can always plan extra nights in one of the hotels en-route to allow for a rest. And on our fly & drive, walk & discover tours you are completely free to choose the walks you do (or do not) want to do.

A last option is to hire one of our great villa’s or apartments somewhere in the wonderful countryside, and from there undertake some of the activities proposed by us. The rest of the time you just relax !

What services are included in the trip price?

Our trips generally include all services, from your arrival until departure: accommodations, meals (as indicated), all transport during the tour (unless otherwise indicated), a local guide for the group tours, extensive route notes and maps for the self-guided tours.

None of our rates include airline reservations, as it is often cheaper to book airline tickets yourself. Also departure taxes, visas, insurance, other meals, drinks, optional additional tours or activities during free time, tips and items of a personal nature are not included.

What currency are the prices in?

All of our trips are quoted in Euro’s (€). This because we pay all our suppliers in euro’s and therefore can give you the possible best price in euro’s, without having to ‘protect’ ourselves against fluctuations of the euro against other currencies.

How can I book a Genius Loci tour? Is a deposit required?

We have made it as easy as possible to book one of our tours. Simply press the button “Book this tour” at the page of the tour you wish to book and register online. In alternative you can send us an email or phone us. We’ll then take care of everything for you and confirm your reservation with a deposit of only 25% of the trip cost. Deposits can be made by Visa or MasterCard. In case you decide to cancel your booking, please understand that there is a non-refundable deposit of € 100 for unrecoverable costs.

When is my balance due?

Also with respect to the booking conditions we want to be the most advantageous tour operator in the market. The balance of your trip cost is due just 6 weeks prior to trip departure and may be paid by money order, or credit card. On some occasions it may be even possible to settle the balance upon arrival.

If you register for a trip within 6 weeks of trip departure, full payment is due at the time of booking. Please refer to our Booking Conditions for more details.

What if I have to cancel or change my tour ?

Also with respect to the cancellation conditions we want to be the most advantageous tour operator in the market.
If you wish to cancel all or any part of your booking we need to receive notification of it in writing. In case you cancel more than 4 weeks prior to trip departure, only the non-refundable deposit of € 100 for unrecoverable costs is due. Changes in your holiday plans are free if notified more than 4 weeks prior to trip departure. Please refer to our Booking Conditions for more details.

What is the meaning of Genius Loci ?

‘Genius Loci’ is a Latin term meaning the ‘Spirit’ or ‘Genius of the Place’. For the Romans every place had its own ‘guardian deity’. While in Roman times it was thus referring to the presiding deity or spirit, today the meaning has changed. The concept is nowadays often used by landscape architects & planners to state that every place has its own unique qualities, not only in terms of its physical makeup, but also of how it is perceived. It is therefore often translated as the ‘distinctive atmosphere of a place’.

For us, at Genius Loci Travel, it is important that our clients will be able to perceive the ‘Real Spirit of Italy’ on our tours. We not just take you to places, or worse ‘do’ places, but select the most special places of this wonderful country – both known and unknown ! – and try to make you understand the places you visit and take in the best parts of it. We make you feel the special atmosphere and unique qualities of each place we take you to. We make you experience the places you travel to with us, live them and return home richer.



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