Authenticity is the real Luxury !

Luxury Adventure Travel by Genius Loci is a refined combination of the best walks or rides in Italy with the best places to stay!

‘Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication’ – Leonardo da Vinci

For us, the meaning of luxury is not not to be found in ostentation of ‘just’ an expensive place, it’s discrete, the right combination of authenticity & superb quality.

Our new collection of AUTHENTIC LUXURY TOURS is born from the consciousness that, yes, we were offering our clients something special already: authentic experiences in unique places, and that including only the very best hotels and some other extra’s we could create unique real luxury adventures.

On request of some of our loyal customers we have decided to go that extra step, including even more extra’s in our tours, choosing only the best possible hotels, guaranteeing you & your friends even more unique experiences. We do NEVER look for luxury for the sake of luxury, so forget about staying in the ‘posh’ big chain hotels.

In our tours we’ll offer the right blend of discrete luxury, excellent service, gracious hospitality and a spirit of authenticity, the ‘genius loci‘.

And, even before this was becoming of major importance, we have always selected those accomodations which can guarantee silence and space! For all our tours we can offer you a large selection of ‘Premiere Inns’, very good hotels, many among the world’s best hotels.

Genius Loci Travel, as the leading adventure travel company in (southern) Italy, can book your room in any hotel you could dream of! Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with hundreds of beautiful boutique hotels, stunning agriturismo’s and great countryside relais, many among the world’s best ‘ Small Luxury Hotels’ (as acclaimed also from Condé Nast Traveller, Travel+Leisure and many others). All perfect for a special occasion or if you simply want to treat yourself.

Have a look at one of the following tours:



Why Genius Loci Travel ?

Genius Loci Travel is the leading specialist for active holidays all over Italy.

We are a fully-licensed, independent Italian Tour Operator, specialist in our own country! Whether it be hiking, cycling or sea-kayaking, we offer unsurpassed active adventures, on which you really get ‘under-the-skin’ of a destination.

And after a day of activity, what is better than relaxing in one of our great, handpicked, accomodations Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with hundreds of beautiful boutique hotels, stunning agriturismo’s and great countryside relais. All perfect for a special occasion or if you simply want to treat yourself.


Private Adventures – Bespoke travel at its best. We make it happen!

Do not hesitate to ask for ‘upgrades’ on one of our regular tours, which cover the whole of Italy.

Special tailor made departures can be organised for groups of 4 people or more. Genius Loci Travel can custom design authentic journeys that take you straight into the real Italy !

Genius Loci Travel, as the leading adventure travel company in Italy, can create the active adventure you could dream of!



We are proud of our selection of accommodation. As stated by some of our customers: one of our strengths lies in the careful selection of the right accommodation for the type of tour, the type of customers and the type of area. Not the obvious places but small, well-situated, often family-run accommodations, with a personal welcome. Our accommodations are often small boutique hotels, but can also be wonderful Bed & Breakfasts (yes, this is the Italian word too!), as well as agriturismo’s – rural accommodations, which are often real countryside relais.

All are chosen for their accessibility to the walking/cycling route and for the warmth of their welcome. Many are located in historical buildings or situated in exceptional spots with stunning views. All of them give you the feeling of being truly in Italy, and not just any old hotel anywhere in the world. All represent the best price/quality ratio the area has to offer and they all employ local people.

On the whole, for the above reasons we try to avoid chain and ‘big name’ hotels. Many of our hoteliers are walkers themselves and take an active and helpful interest in our customers’ progress. We have been working with most of these places for years and have a good working relationship with the owners. On most of the tours you will find that accommodations will vary somewhat within the hospitality quality grades, which adds a touch of character to the region or the country that you are passing through.

Comfort level

The level of comfort indicated on our regular tours corresponds more or less to Italian hotel standards, ranging from 3-5 stars. However, as we often work with agriturismos, B&B’s, relais and locande, which do not have an official rating, you may find that there are some variances in the standards (e.g. some agriturismo’s might actually be of a very high quality)…

On our luxury tours the comfort level is usually 4- to 5-stars


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