Special Interest Tours

Genius Loci Travel does specialise in walking, cycling & sea kayaking tours, but we can also offer special interest holidays in several fields, operated for people with a real interest and passion.

Be it yoga, SUPfree climbing, wine-tasting, painting, cooking, bird watching, geocaching, trailrunning or photography, our tours are run by the experts in their own field!

Trips may be solely aimed at those with an interest in one subject or a range of subjects, and include climbing courses, gastronomy tours, specialist archaeology or geology itineraries, solar eclipse departures, specialist conservation holidays or trips to learn or improve your Italian (guided in Italian!).

Our profound knowledge of Italy, its people and the possibilities it offers for special trips makes us the perfect choice for a special vacation ! Even more than with our regular group tours, the tour leader is key to providing the best experience possible. We have the extensive knowledge and experience to gather together expert leaders in many different fields.

For example, on many tours you learn something about the geology of the area, but this is never like being on a real geology tour. Discover Italy’s intriguing geological history, it’s volcanoes, but also its limestone cliffs, it’s grotto’s and underground rivers (departures on request).

On many tours you learn something about the archaeology of the area, but have you ever walked through southern Italy’s amazing sites (some known, like Pompeii, some completely unknown!) led by a professional archaeologist ? You’ll definitely get much more information and learn an awful lot about this amazing area.

One our tours it’s always possible to drink good wine, but what about tasting the best regional wines with the experts and producers themselves? Walking through the beautiful vineyards & surrounding landscapes to understand the ‘terroir‘. One of our Wine Walking tours might be just right for you! And yes, there is something good to eat for the foodies too….

You love mountains, enjoy hiking, climbed a few tops, but never tried free climbing? Sure you have admired several times those climbing up sheer cliffs. Try it a few days yourself, in the world’s most stunning scenery, the Amalfi Coast. And.. for the real climbers there are a number of challenging routes to tackle!

While most people take pictures when on holiday, often this has little to do with photography… Why not go on a holiday are specifically designed for photographers? Learn more about it in Italy – the subject is good, you get the technique right and you’ll make professional shots!

Some like to make some sketches during a trip, but is there ever the time to sit down at the best spot and get professional advice on how to make the best of your sketch… Start painting in the world’s most beautiful landscapes, under the supervision of a professional painter!

We always take you ‘off-the-beaten-track’, into the ‘real Italy’, but if you have Italian ancestry, you might have a deeper interest in visiting a particular area or village. Eat the food your mother (or grandmother) prepared and try to speak the dialect you heard as a child. On our tailor-made ‘Back-to-the-Roots’ trips we’ll make this possible !

From all our local tour leaders you can learn some Italian of course, but no way to learn it better than go on a trip with a group of Italians (with a tour leader who however can explain things to you in English as well…). Ask for our ‘Walk & Talk‘ tours !

You love walking, but adore sailing as well ? Why not try a combination and check out the beauty of Italy’s islands?

Let us know your interests and preferred travel dates: we’ll organise your bespoke adventure!  With the largest choice of active holidays in Italy to choose from, it is easier than ever to experience a vacation tailored just to your interests !

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