Is this tour right for you? Check it with our hikes & walks grader!

You love to walk, but want to take it easy? Or you like a real hike and are ready for a challenge? Or you want to make your discoveries quietly strolling through the countryside & art cities?

With our trip grading system you can decide which is the right tour for you !

 Our Trip Rating system ranks each trip from 1 to 5 according to the degree of difficulty and general data of the hike: length, ascent/descent and quality of the trail. Grade 1 is the easiest and Grade 5 the most demanding. You’ll find the number of ‘boots’ next to each tour.


Gentle terrain, about four hours walking per day with many stops and without steep climbs or vertiginous mountains. Many walks are optional, with little elevation gain or loss. Luggage is transported for you to the next accommodation.

WALKING GRADE 2 : Easy to Moderate

Gentle terrain or steeper terrain with well maintained paths, about four to six hours walking per day without steep climbs or vertiginous mountains. Please note that in some areas, like the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre part of the route can be flights of steps. The distances to cover in those case are pretty short, around 10-12 km./day. Some walks are optional, with little elevation gain or loss. Luggage is transported for you to the next accommodation.

WALKING GRADE 3 : Moderate

Rolling uplands, five to six hours walking per day with some uphill climbs and the odd longer day. Overnight sometimes in mountain huts. Elevation gain or loss up to 750 m. / 2000 feet per day. Luggage is transported for you to the next accommodation. On some occasions you need to bring your stuff just for one overnight in a mountain hut.

WALKING GRADE 4: Moderately challenging

Tours through the ‘real mountains’, like the Alps & Dolomites or the Apennines, but also along the ridge of the Amalfi Coast or onto Mt. Etna. Six to eight hours walking with longer ascents and perhaps a scramble on a ridge and rough conditions underfoot on occasion. Elevation gain or loss can be 1000 m. / 3000 feet per day or more. Overnight partly in hotels and/or agriturismo’s, but on many occasions also in mountain huts (sometimes dormitory style – if there are no other options). Luggage is transported for you to the next accommodation where possible, but sometimes you might have to carry it yourself.

WALKING GRADE 5: Strenuous

Full-day hikes, mountainous terrain, steep ups and downs (as in 4). Trips with hiking at average altitudes of over 3000 m. /10,000 feet are usually in this category, but actually, we at Genius Loci Travel specialise in Italy. So we cannot offer tours as strenuous as this…. And: with Genius Loci Travel on no tours you can hiking for the sake of only the hiking. For us the best way to see our country is on foot – so there has to be time to look around you and enjoy the countryside!

N.B. The grading of some other companies, where the ascent of Mt. Everest is graded 5 on a scale of 5 might be different….


Please bear in mind that on many walking tours you can often opt for shorter or longer hikes – sometimes making use of the available local transport.

Still not sure whether you are chosing the right walking tour?  JUST CONTACT US ! We’ll be happy to get you on the trail which is just right for you, in every corner of Italy!



And what about the comfort level?

Please note that on almost all our walking tours we take care of your luggage. Which means that you can do the hike with only your daypack. This is a standard inclusion.

On most tours you have moreover the possibility to chosse from different comfort levels regarding the hotels.


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