Discovering Italy’s cultural heritage with the experts

Genius Loci Travel & FAI team up to create exclusive cultural tours

Genius Loci Travel & FAI, the Italian ‘National Trust’ collaborate in a number of ways to ensure the maintanance of a large number of cultural heritage sites in Italy.

The mission of the F.A.I. (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), usually referred to in English as the Italian National Trust is twofold: on the one hand, it is to promote a tangible culture of respect for Italy’s natural heritage, art, history and traditions; and on the other, it is to protect a legacy that forms a fundamental part of the roots and identity of the Italian people.

FAI is a national, not-for-profit trust that was set up in 1975 and has since gone on to save, restore and open to the public numerous sites, fine examples of Italy’s artistic and natural heritage.

Of course, to be able to maintain this heritage, funding is needed. And in increasing part of this money should come from respectful tourism, visitors to the sites managed by the FAI.

Genius Loci Travel was founded with the aim of promoting sustainable forms of tourism in Italy. In the first place in nature areas, but as nature & culture are often intimately linked in Italy, of course also through respectful visits of cultural sites. The FAI therefore is a natural partner to achieve this objective.

In many of our tours visits to the sites managed by FAI are included:


All our tours are tours for real travellers, who seek out both the highlights of a destination and true experiences of local culture – in ways that benefit local communities. Tours from Genius Loci Travel not only deliver authentic local experiences to our clients, but we also take active steps to care for the destination they travel to. In collaboration with FAI we – together with you – our clients – can make a small step in the right direction.

With sustainable tourism we intend not only to save natural areas from more destructive forms of exploitation, but also where possible to improve the economic and social conditions of the local communities, safeguarding the local traditions and culture.

These, together with the beautiful natural environment are considered the basis make Italy one of the most ideal places on earth to spend a relaxing and interesting holiday.





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