Cilento Cycling Routes

The Cilento National Park is a stunning area with some of the best cycle routes in Italy.

One of the most memorable aspects of cycling in Cilento are the high mountains situated close to the sea. There’s something special about riding along cliff tops above the beach and then zigzagging up to 1,700m within sight of the sea before enjoying stunning views of the cliffs and beaches from above. Views of the island of Capri and the Amalfi coast stretched out across the bay behind the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea or small picturesque ports filled with fishing boats or small yachts never fail to impress from above.


Independent Cycling Tours in the Cilento

For those who want to enjoy the freedom of riding the best routes at their own pace we recommend one of our Paestum & Cilento self-guided cycling tours, featuring the best rides in this area, with plenty of choice for all ability levels, from gentle cycling breaks to rewarding biking holidays.

There are beautiful, and relatively easy rides along the stunning Cilento Coast, as well as tours which show you a bit more of the inland areas, the ‘Heart of the Cilento’.

Those who want to do a few days of cycling while on holiday in the Cilento area can follow the suggestions made by our friend Peter Amann, in his travel guide “Cilento aktiv” (unfortunately only in German). He describes ten short bicycle tours.

Small Group Cycling Adventure

On a regular basis we offer an awesome coastal ride: Cilento Coast Cycling – starting from the Greek Temples of Paestum and ending on the mythical south coast. Those who want to go inland for some more challenging rides can contact us for a ‘Bespoke Adventure‘.

Bike challenges – some of our favourite routes

Our great road bike challenges & training camps are especially designed for the cyclist who likes to make his mileage and climb a few challenging mountains, but as well wants the pleasure of cycling through amazing landscapes, in a nice climate and with a good hotel and of course good food at night.

We propose a number of bike challenges, ranging from short 3-day challenge to longer 6-day or 9-day tours. They are suggestions for some more challenging rides, which can be mixed and matched, made shorter, easier, longer or steeper depending on the your wishes and abilituies, in order to create the perfect cycling tour – especially for you and your friends.

Here are some of the favourite routes of Francis Cassidy & Jack Stafford (CycleCilento), two real connaisseurs of the area, who – after having cycled all over the world – settled in this area!

Agropoli – Torchiara – Stio – Agropoli (90km – 1,550m of climbing)

This ride starts with a long and gentle climb out of Agropoli up to Torchiara (410m). Riders are immediately rewarded with a stunning view of the mountain ride to come and the reservoir below. The route continues with a fast descent through the village of Rutino, zigzagging down excellent roads with clear visibility, before the climbing starts again straight away. It doesn’t finish for another 25km (topping out at 800m). This part is the highlight of the ride, as the tree covered road follows three spurs jutting out from the main mountain. The crescent of each is topped by a ancient village teetering on the cliff. The second half of the ride, after a coffee break in the market town of Stio, is much faster as you come back on the other side of the valley with a long straight descent for 20 km.

Agropoli – Roccadaspide – Trentenara – Agropoli (105km – 1,250m of climbing)

Once everyone has had their photo taken in front of the temples in Paestum, which date from 500BC, the riders get a 20km warm-up along the flat before the 13 hairpins up to the hard to reach (and even harder to pronounce) village of Roccadaspide (416m). You can turn right and climb up through the chestnut forests (for which the area is famous) over Mount Vesole (1,026m), or take the longer loop around the mountain range, which still takes you to 650m. Both rides pass by Trentinara on the way back. The ‘terrace of the Cilento’ offers a breathtaking view over the Tyrrhenian Sea, best viewed from the cliff-side cafe while enjoying local Grappas.


The Perdifumo Ridge (50km – 950m of climbing)

This is a short loop around the ridge that rounds Agropoli to the east. It’s one to get you warmed up, or to save for a day when you’ve overindulged the night before! As you slowly meander upwards, the panoramic sea views across the Cilento hills never fail to impress. After 30km on the undulating roads you’ll arrive at the picturesque village of Perdifumo where you can take a well deserved break and refill your bottle from a fountain cut out of the rock. From there it’s a descent all the way back to Agropoli at sea level. The long winding descent flanked by the constantly changing colours of the agricultural land is particularily enjoyable.


The Acciaroli Loop (80km – 1,000m of climbing)

This scenic loop can be done in either direction, depending on whether you want the climbing right out of the blocks or at the end or the ride. In either direction it serves as a great example of the beauty and variety that Cilento offers to cyclists with the mixture of mountains and coastline. The switchback climb up to Rutino offers an incredible panorama of the reservoir and the impressive peaks of Cilento National Park which encircle it. Much of this ride takes you along the stunning Cilento coastline and a stop for coffee in the seaside town of Acciaroli, where Hemmingway recuperated after writing “The Old Man and the Sea” is a must. Further up the coast the town of Castellabate where the film ‘Welcome to the South’ was filmed always makes a nice ice-cream stop.


The Amalfi Coast (140km – 800m of climbing)

It’s famous all over the world and its located just across the bay from the Cilento! The Amalfi coast is a stunning ride, and one which we love to take our visitors on. From Paestum/Agropoli, it’s an 40km flat ride (or a short train ride!) as far as Salerno before swinging off onto the road which winds its way down the stunningly beautiful undulating Amalfi coast. There really is nothing quite like riding down through the small picturesque villages of Vietri Sul Mare, Cetara, Maoiri, Amalfi itself or further along down through Praiano even as far as Sorrento! depending on how long you want to make the day! Regular trains run to Agropoli from Salerno for those who would rather a shorter day.


The Coastal Route To Monte Gelbison (140km – 2,750m of climbing)

It’s a ‘Queen Stage’, and one of the toughest Cilento has to offer! After rolling out of Agropoli things start out easy on the undulating but scenic terrain. It’s not until 20km before the foot of Monte Gelbison that the climbing really begins. It’s here where the unique geology of the Cilento area really impresses as the road rises steeply from sea level up the punishing slopes of Gelbison which tops out at 1,700m within 35km. It truly is a punishing ride and one best reserved for those in good physical condition. For those who make it up, the views are impressive on a clear day as the peaks of Cilento National Park stretch out around. Riders can enjoy a well deserved coffee and snack in one of the restaurants around the monastery on top before making the long winding descent.




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