Special offer for our American & Canadian clients

If you want to discover the back roads of Italy …..
…….. come in through the main gate !!

Genius Loci Travel is there to create your perfect vacation. For the right price !

If you have been looking for the perfect hiking or biking vacation in Italy, have browsed through many websites and brochures, and now you are convinced to have found the vacation which is right for you. But you still hesitate, because it costs you a fortune…… Then please contact us !
We can offer you the same vacation for at least 30 % less ! Money you can spend on other nice things in life or allow you to extend your travel time. We enable you to do you once-in a lifetime vacation at least twice !
Of course you will ask yourself whether this will affect the quality of your vacation. The answer is no ! We are able to offer the best possible rates as we are based in Italy, and we specialize in Italy. We have an intimate knowledge of the country and a direct working relationship with all the best hotels and the best guides around. And as we have been in the market for many years, we have the best rates. Why pass through an American tour operator ? The tours we create here in Italy can be booked by you directly ! No intermediation fees.
Learn more about our tours from our website or contact us with your special requests .
You can contact Genius Loci Travel in the following ways:
• By e-mail: (general enquiries) (reservation requests)
• By telephone: +39 – 089 791 896 (English, Italian & German spoken)
N.B. Please allow 2 working days for a reply. If you do not hear from us within 3 working days please call on the number above or write an email.
Alternatively simply fill in the enquiry form in the contact us page, and we will call or email you back during office hours.
Genius Loci Travel has been creating hiking vacations for over a decade, for all the best tour operators worldwide. Today we are able to offer you the greatest choice of active holidays in Italy. Our strength is that we provide the best value for money. We aim for the best quality, and we don’t cut corners in providing it. While luxury is sometimes certainly less important than the interest of an (undiscovered) area, we still always aim at the highest possible standards of comfort.
N.B. The offer ‘Same tour, for 30% less’ is valid for all tours featured in the Backroads, Country Walkers & Wilderness Travel catalogues. Offer valid for groups of at least four persons. Also check out our scheduled departure dates, consultable on our website page ‘Small group Adventures’

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