Cycling Cilento – southern Italy’s cyclist’s Paradise

The Cilento National Park is a stunningly beautiful area with some of the best cycle routes in Italy. And without the crowds you’ll find in more famous cycling destinations!

The region of Campania has been known as a paradise on earth from ancient times on. The Greeks built some of their most impressive temples here at Paestum and under the Romans it became known as ‘Campania Felix’or the ‘Happy Land’. Campania’s real secret is located south of Salerno. Here the coastline bulges out into an expanse of mountainous landmass known as the Cilento, now one of Italy’s biggest and most diverse National Parks, with World Heritage listing.

This is an area offering endless possibilities to the road biking cyclist, amateur and well trained semi-professional alike. Few flat areas, mainly concentrated along the coast, immediately make way for rolling hilly country punctuated by several low mountains. This makes for an interesting ride, where challenging climbs and exhilarating descents follow up at a breath taking pace.

One of the most memorable aspects of cycling in Cilento are the high mountains situated close to the sea. There’s something special about riding along cliff tops above the beach and then zigzagging up to 1,700m within sight of the sea before enjoying stunning views of the cliffs and beaches from above. Views of the island of Capri and the Amalfi coast stretched out across the bay behind the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea or small picturesque ports filled with fishing boats or small yachts never fail to impress from above.

We offer several different bike challenges in the Cilento, ranging from short breaks to longer tours, with a variety of rides which can be adapted to your skills & fitness level, availalibilty of time, willingness to concentrate on the riding or to take in some of the culture as well. Here are some of our favourite challenging routes. They are suggestions which can be mixed and matched, made shorter, easier, longer or steeper depending on the group’s abilities.

And for those not yet ready for a real challenge? We also offer some more leisurely self-guided cycling tours as well as some great small group adventures, where the stress is more on the landscape and the food. But with some good cycling too!

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