Best hikes & walks in Italy

Why walk in Italy?

Italy is probably the most varied of all European countries, partly because of its geography – stretching from the Alps to Northern Africa -, partly because of its central role in history. Here you can find it all, Greek Ruins, Roman history, Renaissance art, the best of Baroque, and medieval fortresses and abbeys. But also a variety of landscapes, cities, food, fashion, music, wine and gelati. The Italian cuisine – don’t tell the French – is probably the best available and incredibly varied – not only pasta!

If you go to the right places, you’ll meet many Italians, generally perceived to be a sophisticated, good living and good natured people. They are friendly, exuberant and humorous, and away from the beaten tourist tracks, very welcoming.

But Italy is not only art cities and espresso though. You’ll find that it’s also one of the best countries for walking & hiking. Away from the cities, you’ll find many stretches of wonderful countryside, quintessential part of the ‘Belpaese’, the “Beautiful Country”. With outstanding scenery, no one region is the same. From walking through the rolling hills of Tuscany’s to exploring the breathtaking coastal villages of the Amalfi Coast, from hiking over a mountain ridge in the Abruzzo to walking in the middle of Greek and Roman ruins, and the ritual ‘passeggiata’ in many an Italian town, Italy has astonishing variety to entertain you either on a short holiday, or for the rest of your life. There are so many options that you will be coming back and back again!

From the alpine playground of the Dolomites to the ancient villages of Puglia on Italy’s “heel,” and from the intriguing landscapes of the deep South to the quiet coves of the Cinque Terre, our Italian walking tours promise an enriching journey by foot. Your choice of trips is as varied as the culture and cuisine of the country itself. Where’s the ideal spot to enjoy a picnic with a view? Which bar has the best gelato? What local specialties and wine are worth tasting? On every trip we’ll give you the information to discover the real Italy! Experience the ‘dolce vita’, Genius Loci style.


Some of our favourite hikes

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For those who want to do a few days of hiking in the Cilento area we can recommend the suggestions made by our friend Peter Amann, in his travel guide “Cilento aktiv” (unfortunately only in German). He describes several walking tours.


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